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This is where it all began, the Versalino Uno is our premiere Prototype to Production platform, but what does that really mean?

What that means is the Versalino is a system that has been developed to not only make it easy to learn and experiment with electronics & microcontroller drivers, but to also be used for the development of cost effective end user devices.

The Versalino Uno, just like the Arduino Uno is based on the Atmel Atmega328P-PU, and is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE (integrated development environment) and just about any code that works on the Arduino Uno. However what the Versalino Uno does differently is it takes a minimalistic and configurable approach to design. It’s pinout, and design  reduce costs and size even though they are made in the USA.

This is a top view of the Versalino Uno PCB design.

This is a top view of the Versalino Uno PCB design.

Versalino Uno Pinout

Have you ever had to re-solder pins on an Arduino Shield just so that you could get it working with another shield? Have you ever had an Arduino Shield that didn’t bother to let you stack another shield on-top of it? Well with the Versalino Uno those are problems of the past.

This pinout should help you better understand how the Versalino Uno relates back to the Arduino Uno.

Listed above are the Arduino equivalent pins to each of the Buses in case you wanted to forego the use of the Versalino library.

The Versalino Uno is not just another Arduino clone. The Versalino Uno was completely re-engineered from the ground up to address real design problems that folks face every day on other systems. The key advantage of the Versalino line over other Arduino and Arduino compatible clones is that we developed a standardized BUS system that makes it possible to design a load board to take less than half of the available pins without sacrificing the ability to do tons of stuff with it.

The Versalino BUS structure also allows the shape and size of your Versalino board to change without losing the compatibility with your loadboards. That is why every board that has been designed for the Versalino Uno is 100% compatible with the Versalino Nano (even though the Versalino Nano is half it’s size).

Finally the COM port on the Versalino is designed to provide you with plug and play Bluetooth compatibility with the Virtuabotix BT2S Slave and Virtuabotix BT2S Master, this is an extremely useful, and cost effective way to convert your project from a wired to a wireless solution. This additional port structure allows for the design of many serial communication devices that can be added to your system without interfering with other boards.

Versalino Uno Resources

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