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Versalino™ Uno – Prototype to Production Platform

The Versalino is finally here!Description:

Check out the Video GuidesThe Versalino™ is the first of an all new line of Prototype to Production Platforms. The Versalino is compatible with all code written for the Arduino™ Uno/Duemilanove, but has the added benefit of a powerful new pin-out and libraries that allow you as a designer to tap into the raw power of your microcontroller.

The Versalino is finally here!

Buy with confidence, all standard builds are manufactured in the USA and covered by a 90 Day 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a 1 year warranty on parts and labor.  We stand by our quality so that you can stand by yours, and don’t forget that we are always available to help you through any issues you have with any of our products.

Package Contents:

• Versalino™ Uno
• Pin-out and Quick Reference Guide

Standard Builds:

1.) Fully Loaded Versalino™ Uno includes:
• Comes with standard 90 degree headers for VersalinoBUS A and B
• PGM Port loaded with Male 1×6 header (Works with Arduino™ USB Serial Light)
• BT2S  Port loaded with Female 1×4 header drop in compatibility with the Virtuabotix Bluetooth to Serial master and Slave
• ICSP 2×3 Male Header
• Plus everything from the build below!

2.) Standard build Versalino™ Uno without headers includes:
• A heavy duty 5 Volt 1.5 Amp voltage regulator – giving you more power to drive devices!
• Vdd and VIN brownout-protection Capacitors (22 uF)
• Power port to plug into the wall (Rated to 16 Volts with a 2 Amp Current Limit)
• Plus everything from the build below!

3.) Bare-Minimum 16 MHz Versalino™ Uno includes:
• 1 x P-DIP ATMEGA328P-PU programmed with Uno Bootloader
• 1 x 100 nF Capacitor for reset & programmer support
• 3 x Through-Hole 22pF Capacitors (2 for crystal and 1 for Analog power smoothing)
• 1 x Through-Hole HC-49S 16 MHz Crystal (for clock)
• 1 x Through-Hole 1/4 Watt 22 K ohm resistor (for reset pullup)
• Plus everything from the build below!

3.) Versalino™ Uno Board Only includes:
• 1 x SMD Reset Button
• 1 x The Versalino™ Uno Board (Perfect for the Bareduino or Bareduino Plus!)

Some Versalino™ Builds are also available from our Amazon store.

Not the right parts for the job?

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Rather than give you another Arduino™ clone, we have taken the familiar micro-controller and developed a platform that allows you to focus on the other elements of your next design. With the Versalino™ BUS system you can rest assured that your hardware design will be compatible with future more powerful versions, and that your hardware will not interfere with other peoples designs.

Versalino™ Primary Buses (BUSA/BUSB):
Great care was taken in the design of the Versalino™ to ensure that an even cross section of the pin types was available to any device that used them. As such each Bus has 3 of each type of Pin Digital, Analog, and PWM.

Additionally the Versalino™ Bus provides access to both regulated and Supply Voltages for any device that uses them. This feature lends toward dramatic design simplification, and allows most designs that would otherwise need to cover an entire board on another platform to take up only a single port.

The Versalino™ is built using 90 degree female Headers to take advantage of this fact. It is possible to use vertical ports, but loading upgrade boards horizontally makes it possible to support multiple upgrades at once without impacting the height of your design, or interfering with the functionality of attached devices. It is possible to use cable headers, or solder cables/wires directly to allow for even more flexibility of design.

Versalino™ COM1 Port:
The COM1 Port is right next to the PGM port, and provides access to the full regulated power rail and the standard Tx and Rx ports. This port is ideally suited for providing a communication link between master and slave units. It also allows units to easily share a single regulated power bus between multiple devices.

Versalino™ PGM Port:
The PGM port serves several purposes. The first of which is to provide an easy way to program your chip during development and production. The second function is the ability to easily add a communication link between the Versalino™ and a variety of other Serial devices to include additional Versalino™/Arduino™ platforms. The third function is to simplify the process of managing Firmware Upgrades for complex devices (that use more than one micro-controller).

Click here for a detailed Versalino™ Uno Pinout Guide

Click here for even more information


Technical Specifications (For standard build):

Processor: Atmega 328 |16 MHz Clock Speed
Memory: Flash 32 KB | EEPROM 1 KB |SRAM 2 KB
Pins: Digital I/O Pins 14 | Analog I/O Pins 6
PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Pins 6
Versalino Bus’s: 2 (BUSA, BUSB)
Communication: One FTDI compatible program port and 1 BT2S compatible COM port
The power plug accepts a Male Type E: 3.4 mm OD, 1.3 mm ID plug size, and when selecting a power supply the positive lead is in the middle. Safe voltages for the regulator/adapter are 5 Volts to 16 Volts.

Technical Specifications (For custom builds):

The components of your Versalino™ Uno can be customized to your design! Just request a quote  from the “Purchase Options” tab and you can have your own custom Versalino™ in no time.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle] Documentation & Libraries [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Basic Library and Datasheet:

Unleash the power of your Versalino™
Library for the Arduino™ IDE available for download.

[sc:contentLink link=”″ type=”download” title=”Versalino™ library for the Arduino™ IDE” ]

Get detailed information from the Versalino™ Datasheet
Versalino™ Datasheet Revision 1S2 dated 26 April 2012 available for download.

[sc:contentLink link=”” type=”download” title=”Versalino™ Uno Datasheet” ]

More Development tools:

Write your own Versalino™ libraries
Versalino™ Library writing template for the Arduino™ IDE available for download.

[sc:contentLink link=”″ type=”article” title=”Versalino™ Library writing template for the Arduino™ IDE” ]

Make your own Versalino™ Loadboard!
Versalino™ Loadboard template Gerber files, and Schematics available.

[sc:contentLink link=”″ type=”download” title=”Make your own Versalino™ hardware!” ]


[wptabtitle] Help & Projects [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

If you need help getting started check out these videos:

Check out the Video Guides

Click for Video Guides

If you still need more help, or are looking for projects ideas and guides you should check out the


Versalino™ Wiki

[stextbox id=”warning”]WARNING:
The Versalino™ may make you think twice about giving up on your next project.[/stextbox]

Creative Commons License
Versalino™ Uno by Virtuabotix LLC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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