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The Versalino FTDI and Bareduino Plus on the Raspberry PI

Thanks to one of our awesome customers Greg we have some simple instructions on how to get the Versalino FTDI (and thus the Versalino Uno, and Bareduino Kits) up and running on the Raspberry PI.

Dear Joe,

I had success with the Raspberry Pi and the Versalino FTDI.  I installed python-FTDI through apt-get.  Flawless!

Here’s a picture of the Bareduino Plus on a full-size breadboard with some LEDs and resistors.


Bareduino Plus on Raspberry PI with Versalino FTDI

Getting the Versalino FTDI working yourself:

So basically if you are trying to get the Versalino FTDI working on your Raspberry PI all you need to do is hop into your terminal and type the following: “sudo apt-get install python-FTDI” and you should be good to go.

According to Greg (thanks again for sharing Greg!) that should do the trick. Please let me know how it goes for you so I can try to help you with any problems, or at least confirm this method is working for everyone else. I hope this helps!

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