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The Versalino Nano Now Available!

This time we decided to up the ante. The Versalino Nano is a combination of everything you liked with the Versalino Uno, with the addition of several highly requested features on top of a dramatic miniaturization!

At one inch wide and just over 2 inches tall this board is still 100 percent compatible with all existing Versalino Loadboards. The board matches it’s through hole counterpart pin for pin, and adds a second COM port. Which makes it possible with Serial port virtualization to run two Versalino Com devices simultaneously.

Believe it or not we even crammed an extra large and comfortable to use reset button, a power LED, and a built in LED for blinking fun! As with all other Versalino’s the Versalino Nano will be available with multiple build options to include vertical headers and header-less options that help you save even more space in your builds.

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