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The Versalino Nano 1.1 Released

Thanks to all of your support the first lot of the Versalino Nano’s initial release has sold out completely! Since you guys have all been awesome about providing feedback on your experience with it I have taken the time to completely redesign the board from the ground up to help address  all of the concerns for both sides of the table.

This image is mean't for size comparison only.

This image is mean’t for size comparison only.

It definitely took some work but I rebuilt the Versalino from the ground up, and I don’t regret the decision to do so, because we got some serious improvements out of the effort. Below are a list of changes that were made, and some of the major fixes that went in on this rev. If you have the Versalino Nano 1.1 already and have a change/fix request please post it on the related forum topic (

Layout Changes:

1.) All non-Bus ports moved, and so did the LEDs and reset button (a little) – Sorry I had to do it.

The latest and greatest Versalino Nano!

So probably the most noticeable changes (other than changing the orientation of the Atmega chip) though the Versalino BUSA and BUSB stayed in exactly the same spot, the rest of the boards ports, LEDs and button had to be shuffled around to facilitate the change to single sided manufacturing, and allow the new trace widths to be used to resolve other issues.

Now that we are on a single side I do not anticipate having to change the port positions on any future revs (course let me know if I should eat my words).

Problems Resolved:

1.) Hot Regulator Issue – FIXED

The biggest complaint we received about the Versalino Nano 1.0 was that some users 5V regulators would get really hot for the first day or two of operation. So far none of the original Nano’s have failed, and from what I understand all of the regulators went back down to more optimal temperatures after a few days of use. That said the issue has been resolved in the Versalino Nano 1.1 release. The issue appeared to be related to some trace locations on the previous model. Thanks for letting me know guys, I am really glad we were able to identify the problem so quickly.

2.) Improved trace routing – THAT’S RIGHT!

In the process of this complete re-design we were able to use slightly wider trace widths and distances which is good news for your power and signaling. No one had mentioned it, but it was needed either way for us to accomplish #3.

3.) Single sided manufacturing – REDESIGNED

Versalino Nano 1.1 backside Vertical HeadersSo if you got one of the original Versalino Nano’s you probably noticed that there were parts on both sides of the board… even though there was tons of room on top. Well in light of the products success, and how much of a total pain in the butt it was to manufacture a board with surface mount parts on both sides, this was the main thing that forced me to completely redesign the board from scratch.

What this new version of the board means is that we can now offer volume discounts, and ramp up production on the Versalino Nano much more quickly then we could have before. (if you ever need to make a volume purchase all you need to do is contact with a quote request btw)

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