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wireless programming Versalino

every time i want to tweak my project i have to remove the cover put in fidi cable. is there an easy way to use 2 xbee’s to do this wireless. and if so where is a good starting point i have been looking at a few ways so far.




3 Answers


It isn’t necessarily easy, but you may be able to use an XBee if you wrote a program in C, C#, Java, or maybe even Python that could call the general IO pin on the XBee to cause a reset of the Versalino, and then have it call AVRDUDE to upload the sketch.

Inotools ( may be a good place to start to do command line Versalino/Arduino programming, then you can try to call the commands you need through your custom software (most languages support shell and API scripting calls, Python can easily do so for sure). Once you have that working you can integrate your simple reset code, call that first and then call the upload command from the command line to whatever wireless serial device you are using whether it is a Virtuabotix BT2S or XBee.

You may have to try to get notified when compile is complete so you can send the reset at the right time (immediately upon notification).

If you come up with a solution of any kind be sure to share it, since it is something a lot of people want to know how to do, and I am sure your solution would be amazing to see in action. As always let me know if you need anything else, or if I can be of help in any other way, and best of luck with your project!


does the uno have a set baud rate or does it that want ever is delivered? still working on it is there a pin that must be high or low to program or reset has to be activated just before programing





got one more question does one wire and wire and liquid crystal together

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