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Will GSM shield fit in Arduino Project Box?

Will an Arduino Uno and GSM Shield fit in the Arduino Project Box/case that you sell? If not do you have a case to meet this need?

Thanks so much!

1 Answer


Most GSM shields should fit in the Arduino Project Box, but some shields may be too large. Since you did not specify the shield you wanted to use I can only give you general information about the size.

The Arduino Project Box fits the Arduino Uno/Arduino Mega and the Virtuabotix Ethernet Shield quite easily, so as long as your device isn’t bigger than the Arduino Ethernet Shield you should be okay. The things that might cause problems would be external antenna modules, or if the board goes out beyond the board above the Arduino Uno/Mega.

I hope that helps, if you or anyone else has any more GSM shield details I can give more information whether or not that particular module would fit.

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