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White shades color sensor

I am looking for a consumer application for a sensor to detect the shades of white. Can you kindly advise which of your products may be suitable for this purpose or could be adapted to be used for this purpose


My email address is [email address removed]

Thank you for your kind reply

2 Answers


We have two color sensors that would work well for the job:

The first option is our custom designed Virtuabotix 6 PIN TCS310 Color Sensor Board which provides simple user interfacing, very small board size and easy wiring to get analog read outs of Red, Green, and Blue readings.

The alternative is our Pinhole lens camera which has a little more complicated protocol, and is a little bigger, but provides solid performance

Both devices can easily be used to translate RGB readings into shades of grays to take the readings you are looking to achieve.

I hope that helps, and look forward to hearing how your project goes after you have selected your sensors.

Joseph Dattilo
Founder Virtuabotix LLC


Thanks your answer. Can you please tell me if any of these sensors can measure the specific shade of white and compare it to another in a chart


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