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Virtuabotix 130 DC motor 12V Stall Current and Brush Type?

Please let me know what is the stall current for the Virtuabotix 130 DC Motor is at 12V?
Also does it use brushes or bearings?

Thank you in advance!

1 Answer


First to answer your question about the type of motor, the Virtuabotix 130 DC Motor is a brushed motor that uses standard carbon brushes.

As for the second, in my benchtesting the motor drew 0.4 Amperes at a 12 Volt Idle, and stalled out at 0.6 +- 0.02 Amperes. Much lower idle current is achievable at low voltages. Below is a table of the currents I was able to measure for the Virtuabotix 130 DC Motor:

12VIdle0.4 Amperes
12VStall0.6 Amperes
9VIdle0.2 Amperes
9VStall0.5 Amperes
7VIdle0.06 Amperes
7VStall0.4 Amperes
5VIdle0.02 Amperes
5VStall0.29 Amperes
3.3VIdle0.01 Amperes
3.3VStall0.17 Amperes
1.5VIdleLess than 0.00 Amperes
1.5VStall0.06 Amperes

Hope that helps!

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