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Versalino Uno Barrel Jack power input


I am trying to power my Versalino Uno using the barrel jack. I am testing with just an LED. If I power it with my ICSP it works. Once I disconnect that and hook up the barrel jack, it stops working. I have used input voltages from 5-9 volts,  verified that the expected voltage is present on the pads for the barrel jack pads, I am getting 5.04 volts at the regulator pads.

I have tested on all three Versalino Uno’s that I own with the same result.

What am I doing wrong?



1 Answer


Sorry I didn’t see you asking this question. If you could send pictures that would help. Usually it is an issue with having the wrong voltages on the inside and outside. Make sure the inside is VDD and the outside is ground. Also check that you are using a type e connector to be sure it has contact on both the inner and outer pole.

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