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Versalino Uno 1.1

What happened to the Versalino Uno with headers?

2 Answers


You should be able to get to it by now. All of the old product pages have been migrated, and I will be working on redirecting them so they are easier to find shortly.

If you are referring to the fact that all of the links are missing from the product pages, that should be fixed later this afternoon. I had to rewrite every product page, and getting the links to match the format that we used to use needs a little coding work. I will post another answer to this question as soon as the links are back up and running.


Everything should be updated to have proper links on the Versalino Uno product page now. If anyone finds any problems on product pages now (or in the future) please let me by emailing me at with “PRODUCT PAGE PROBLEM” in the email subject line.

Thanks again for letting me know about the link issues!

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