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Using Virtuabotix BT2S with standard COM port

You say you can communicate to the Virtuabotix BT2S with Hyperterminal to configure. Wouldn’t the voltage levels from a PC (+/-13V) be too much?

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I suppose I should clarify for those of us who have actual serial ports as well. Since this device uses VTTL protocol (3.3 V output) I recommend using a USB to Serial converter (like the Versalino FTDI). That said I have had several customers put resistors in line to communicate directly with old school COM ports, but that can be risky, so do so at your own risk.

Another approach is to pull the chip out of your Arduino Uno and use it as a USB to Serial converter (you just have to flip the RX and TX when there is no chip). Of course at that point you may as well use the auto-programming sketch on the Arduino Uno to configure your device.

If you are trying to communicate with the PC however you will want to use Bluetooth, the Versalino FTDI, or any other USB to Serial method that uses TTL (5V) or VTTL (3.3V) IO levels.

I hope that helps.

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