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Current limit on the Versalino MotorMaster?

Will the Versalino MotorMaster handle a total peak current of 3 amp, and is the fuse replaceable? Also, does it feed power to a versalino uno from the pin connections?

2 Answers


First of all, I would like to say that running the Versalino MotorMaster over it’s 2 Ampere current limit will void your warranty, but that said we have been able to bench test as high as 2.4 Amperes without issue (though there is always a possibility of problems).

The fuse itself is a small surface mount unit, it is right next to the power jumper, but you can solder blob over it to circumvent it if it blows (again this would void your warranty, but it gives you one last go at it if you accidentally blow the fuse). In my experience once you approach 3 amperes for any significant period of time other components start to take damage as well, and it can be particularly difficult to keep the unit cool enough to operate.

Finally, you can share power to the Versalino MotorMaster through the Versalino Uno/Versalino Nano by selecting VIN on the MotorMaster power jumper, but you can not share the EXT power on the Versalino MotorMaster back to the Versalino (this is by design so that you can have isolated power in certain high current applications).


is the 2 amps total or per channel. my motors uses .6 to 1.2 amps each. the 1.2 is the stall current. can the motormaster handle this

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