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temperature compensation in the ultrasonic range finder

I was wondering if the ultrasonic range finder has built-in temperature sensor to compensate for temperature change?
What is the built-in conversion table for?

2 Answers


The Virtuabotix Ultrasonic does not have a built in compensator, and all readings are post processed by the Arduino or other microcontroller that you attach it to. In the Virtuabotix Ultrasonic library is calibrated for 1 atm (sea level) and 20 degrees Celcius (NIST standard temp) since STP would have put it at 0 Celcius which wouldn’t have been too useful.

That said you should be able to modify the library to use whatever constant you need to, and you could probably even combine the Virtuabotix DHT11/Virtuabotix DHT22 libraries and sensors with the Virtuabotix Ultrasonic library to greatly improve your precision by introducing your own table or floating point calculations for conversion factors.


Thank you for the quick response.
Could you please shed some light on the built-in conversion table? What each column mean? How it was calculated?
Also, I noticed the cmDivisor used in the ultrasonic library would correspond to 52 oC temperature!!
BTW, I like your picture with the cute kids.

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