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TCS310 Output Voltage


In my last question I asked what the TCS310 Color Sense gives as output. The answer was that every output (R,G and B) would give 1 – 5V output signal. I want to connect this sensor directly to my PLC without having to use an Arduino board. I use a power supply of 5V DC with a 500mA max current. I measured the output directly on the pins between R/G/B and the ground. The sensor does react on different colors but has never given a output greater then 120mV. If tried multiple sensors as we orders 4 pieces, tried to switch between high and low sensitivity by using the jumper and with and without back light. Could you please advise?


Kind regards,

Jorrit Goddijn

Automation Controls Software Developer


1 Answer


It is more than possible that the PLC is syncing too much power from the chip, but to be sure could you put an answer up with a picture of your setup? I also added the datasheet for the chip to the product page Let me know whatever I can do to help, I would love to work with you to get direct PLC connectivity, and write an article with our findings to help others with the same issue.

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