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SD Card Reader/Writer with Arduino Uno R3 and 1.0.5 CardInfo sample not working

I haven’t been having any luck with the SD Card Reader/Writer I recently purchased from Virtuabotix. I have an Uno R3, and am using the 1.0.5 sample CardInfo sketch, but continue to receive the “Initializing SD card…initialization failed” message.

I’ve been through various stages of debugging, and am now running only the reader device, having removed the other connected devices. All eight header pins are wired (I understand either row can be utilized), and I have verified both the connectivity and the wiring to the Arduino countless times. I have switched between pin 4 and pin 10 for CS, updating the sketch as necessary.

I have formatted three different SD cards: 1G Kingston, 2G Kingston, and 4G Toshiba in numerous ways:
– OS X Disk Utility (FAT)
– OS X SDFormatter (quick and overwrite)
– Windows 7 Explorer (FAT and FAT32, various buffer sizes)

But I can’t get CardInfo to recognize the card. Do you have any suggestions for what else I can check? Thanks for your help.

2 Answers


Is there any chance you could copy the setup code and take a quick picture of your setup? I would love to help you debug the circuit further but a picture of the wiring is the likeliest way for me to identify problems or at least confirm with you that it is not a wiring issue.

If it looks to be the case I can help you through the code and we should be able to determine what the problem is much more easily.


I had the same problem, but I found that SD memory ADATA works fine!

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