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rc robots and arduino

i have been trying to put to gether a arduino rc. i was wanting to start with 2 uno’s and keep the first simple but haven’t found any code to get me started i have 2 xbee s1 2 uno’s with motor controller a robot to use i want to use a joy stick can’t find any code to get me started

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Several years ago I tried to build a robot using a RC SUV. It did not work out too  well. I was not familar enough with the H-bridges in the car’s circuits to tap into them, but I did build a circuit board that would allow me to use the controller to operate the robot. Later I de-soldered the connections and used it as a RC car again. The other problem I had was with the turning. I found that the turning radius on this vehicle was so tight it required several moves just to get it to turn right or left. I am not saying that you cannot use an RC car as a platform for your robot, but there are main basic platforms available that are inexpensive and some come with motors. These start at around $29, and there are some reasonable ones in the $50 range. But currently I am building my own platforms, as I have done with the last two robots I have made. You mentioned a motor controller,  either a stand-alone or shield. Recently, I purchased an Adafruit controller shield for around $30 that can power four motors and servos. Most of the code can either be found at the Arduino site or the site where you purchased your motor controller or devices.  Of course, you probably will need to modify the code to fit your application. 


I have bots I have made in the past and used a basic stamp and that was to easy and play with arduino I wanted to use one in place of a BS the 2nd was the remote on my race car u know the real fast one’s , the trans has broken beyond repair now the radio in it still trans. but no mod or control sig.(it uses FSK ) coming out and that is where arduino comes in and the new Xbee’s . I am just to new to arduino to figure out the code to use over the radio. If I had a starting place I think I can get something up and running. I have a H bridge to control the motor if the arduino doesn’t wk with the radio on the 2nd car


We have had really good luck using the Versalino Uno and Virtuabotix BT2S to control the Versalino Rove, and a couple hacked RC cars. You may opt for the Versalino MotorMaster as your driving board, in which case there is a pre-written Arduino Sketch available here: on the resources tab.

Basically you could start by wiring the motors up the same way you would the Versalino Rove, but if you wanted additional control you may want to control the steering servo (or at least lock it in place if you chasis has one).

The main problem you tend to encounter with most RC cars is that they have very little gearing on their motors, and tend to require a lot of current to operate. This can be problematic with a lot of cost effective motor drivers and will likely damage them. Test your current draw by using an Ammeter while your motor is stalled and running smooth to check for maximum draw. That should help you choose how to proceed.

Luckily with the Versalino I have also written some code for joystick control that you may want to check out as well:, I also have a guide on taking joystick packets on your rover platform here:


you are right about the faster car it has a stall current of 18-20 amps and running of 4-7or 8 amps I plan to use either a parallax hb25 or make a FET h bridge thanks for the info I plan to use the motor master u have on the  1st . I having a problem getting the Xbee radio’s to let the arduino’s talk

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