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Programming a Versalino with a simple USB to Serial stick

I have this USB to serial converter and from what I’ve read, it should allow me to upload sketches to the
Versalino Uno. The only trick is manually resetting the board when compiling and uploading.

I have an AI USB to Serial Converter. Would you please explain the procedure? Does RX connect to TX or do both
RX / TX lines get connected together?

I don’t want to buy another programmer if this might work. Drivers are installed for it in windows 7
and it is recognized on COM3. Most forums say to hold the reset switch while pressing upload, and release
after a few seconds.

here’s an image of the converter I’m using…

The AI USB to Serial converter I am using

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If you are going to manually reset you should be able to connect TXD to RX, RXD to TX, GND to GND, and 5.0V to VDD and then try over and over until you get the timing right. I have done it before, so I know it is possible, just not particularly fun.

You may have to switch the RX and TX if the labeling on the board is in reference to it’s target device instead of itself, but otherwise it is pretty cut and dry.

Your goal is to reset at just about the time that you would normally see data start to go through the Serial port.

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