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PIR Trigger and Echo

How can I adjust the pots on the side of the Trigger and Echo PIR to get the best sensitivity?

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Your left knob controls how long the output will stay high on a valid detection, I generally keep that turned counter-clockwise to it’s fastest latch time (2 seconds) this helps with response time, and allows for weeding out possible false detection’s in software.

The right knob controls the focal point of the Virtuabotix PIR. For most situations keeping that knob in the middle will get you best results, but for detecting objects very close by I would put it in the counter-clockwise most position (all the way to the left) to focus on the closest point possible by the Virtuabotix PIR. For large rooms and distant tracking putting the right knob in the clockwise most (right most) position will focus on the farthest point the Virtuabotix PIR is capable of focusing on.

I hope that helps with your sensitivity adjustments, let me know how it goes!

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