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PIR Out Doesn’t respod

I have one of your PIR sensors for use in a home project. Using a 120VAC to 5VDC plug in transformer, I put 5VDC to VCC and ground to grnd. Using a FLUKE DVM I see no (.065V) voltage at the OUT pin when I attempt to trigger the sensor.   Also, which control is left and which is right?

Thanks,   Alex

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If you could add, or send a picture of your setup that might help me to debug it with you. I have had good luck putting an LED between the GND and OUT pin since you get the visual feedback from the LED turning on.

As for the adjustment knobs, look at them from the side where the knobs are and the one on the left is the timing adjustment (how long the LED/output stays high), and the right one adjusts the sensor “focus” point.


Joseph Dattilo

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