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MotorMaster problems

Hey I would like to run around 1.3A of motor power while only using 1 motor master. I understand that the motor master will only run 1A. Would the easiest way to run more current be using a transistor? If so what transistor should I use, and what resistors go with it?

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The combined Versalino MotorMaster current limit is 2 Amps, and you should be able to safely run 1.3 Amps total would be no problem.

If you don’t need to control direction on the motor you may prefer to use a Relay or Transistor, and the most economical solution would be to use 2 x 1 Amp Transistors in parallel to get the output limit you wanted. For this you would just use a standard value on both bases (500 ohms should be fine) and set up the two in parallel; which means connect the base to the same node, and the emitter and collector to the same nodes as well.

I put together a few videos that should help you with the basics of hooking up a transistor, and just listed one of my favorite NPN transistors to help you do the job

The instructions in those videos should work perfectly on those transistors, and you can just replace the LED with the motor of your choice.

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