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Line laser.

I have just received one of your line lasers and was testing it. With 5 vdc applied the line is visible in the dark

at a maximum distance of only about eight inches. I have other line lasers from other sources that are visible

at one-hundred feet or more. Is this the best I can expect from this or is it possible this laser needs to be driven

with more than 5 vdc ?

As a comparison, the Virtuabotix dot laser is visible at a distance of several hundred feet with 5 vdc applied.



P.S. – This line laser is a replacement for a defective one I received last week.

Thank you for a speedy replacement.



3 Answers


I know I personally tested that unit, but it is possible the resistance value has changed on the bases in the last few months. I will take one to the testing bench and see if I can’t get more clarity on the performance differences. It could take a few days, but I will target Knocking it out on Thursday night.

Thanks for letting me know about the problem, I am sure we will be able to sort it out quickly.


The lasers seem to be working fine with 5V, but if your supply isn’t able to provide enough current it may be causing the problem you are seeing. You should be safe to go as high as 5.5v or so if you want to test it. Using a straight 5V DC source would be the best test though.


I tried 3 different 5vdc supplies ranging from 1A to 5A.

Plus the Virtuabotix dot laser worked just fine.

And I alternated between the dot and line laser for my tests.

The dot was easily sever hundred feet but the line was barely 8″.

Plus I have since gotten one other line laser from a cheap Ebay site

which also gave at least 50′.

Not sure what happened.

As a final test I reversed the power feed polarity which had no effect

on the output.

So far my component failure rate has been about one  out of maybe fifty.

Which I don’t consider too bad at all.



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