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Is using 5V instead of 3.3V on SD Card Reader safe?

With the Virtuabotix SD Card Reader will the 5v of the Arduino damage the 3.3v SD memory chip?

2 Answers


Though it shouldn’t damage it, using the wrong voltage may be harmful, and certainly won’t make it work. Be sure to use the 3.3 Volt output from the Arduino on that pin, or to use a voltage changing buffer if you really can’t run 3.3 in.



I am using SD card reader / writer, I have it installed with Arduino and GPS. The pin 5V connects to Arduino (5V) and the 3.3V is free.
The system works fine while is connected to computer, but if I use a 9V battery, heats the SD memory and it left with permanent damage. I have tryed to protect the SD card R/W pin 5V with a regulator LM7805. The multimeter measure confirm 5V feed but amps decrease slightly, with this connection the SD unit won´t record data.

I was trying use only 3.3V pin but the SD card does not function.

¿Can you help me?

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