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Is there a 3.3 Volt pin on the Bareduino?

I’m messing with the Atmega328P-PU that comes with the Bareduino and am trying to figure out where the 3.3v output pin is.  Can you help?  Is there one?

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The Atmega328 doesn’t have any on-board regulators, but you can add your own. It is just like adding the 5V line to the Bareduino Plus, except you don’t connect it to the chip.
If you decide to add a second regulator (for 3.3 Volts) make sure that everything has common ground so you can get a circuit, but otherwise it should work with no issues.
Hope that helps,
Joseph Dattilo

For more info on the pin-outs you can search the web for a data sheet of the ATMega 328P.

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