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How do I program a Bareduino?

Before I plunge forward with the Bareduino Kit, thought I would touch base and make sure I am
on the right track. So I plug my parts into a board, then connect my
USB to serial board to the RX/TX pins and it will be more or less like
using a regular UNO?

2 Answers


There are a couple ways to program a bareduino:

The easiest way would be to remove the 328 chip from the UNO and replace it with the one you want to program. However, you must be careful to make sure the IC is positioned correctly, and you must watch out for any bend pins. You must also be sure you select the correct board. Some microprocessor ICs have UNO bootloader and some have the Duemilanove bootloader. While this is a quick and easy way to program another microprocessor IC it could result in damage to your IC or UNO board if you are not careful.

The second method is to wire the ISP connections from the UNO board to the bareduino breadboard. I must mention before you hook up your pins you should upload the UNO as ISP sketch to your UNO microprocessor. Using this approach you place a 10 uf electrolytic capacitor between the reset pin on the UNO and ground (make sure the negative goes to ground). +5 volts and ground wires go to those on your breadboard. Here is a listing of the way the pins are connected.

Pin PB2 (SCK) —– Pin 13
Pin PB1 (MISO) —– Pin 12
Pin PB0 (MOSI) —– Pin 11
Pin PB5 (Reset) —– Pin 10
Plus (VCC) —– +5V
Minus (GND) —– GND
10uF Capcitor:
Arduino pins: RESET —-||—- GND

Pin 10 of your UNO goes to the reset pin 1 on your bareduino. Pins 11, 12, and 13 on the UNO go to like pins on the bareduino.

When you are ready to upload your program make sure you go to Tools –> Programmer and select Arduino as ISP then File –> Upload using Programmer to load your sketch into the bareduino.

A third method that I use is to purchase the SainSmart USB ISP Programmer for ATMEL AVR ATMega which will plug into my computer’s USB port. I can then avoid using an UNO board all together. The pins on the ISP programmer match what is listed above and you can use the jumper wires to go from the ISP connector to your breadboard. When you do this you can select the USBasp programmer from the Tools menu and then upload your from sketch using the Upload using Programmer from the file menu.


Yes, you just need a reset pin as well. As long as you use an FTDI or other programmer that has all three of those you should be okay. I recommended the Versalino FTDI, or the Arduino USB Serial Light since they are tried and true solutions.

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