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Hooking up the MotorMaster 1.0 to the Uno

I just received my order of a Versalino Uno and a MotorMaster 1.0 and am excited to begin using them in robotics projects. However, I am a novice and need to make sure I hook everything up properly. I know that I connect the MotorMaster male header pins into either of the Versalino Uno female header buses. Am I correct that the power socket on the Uno takes a 9V DC power source if I don’t hook it up to my PC via a a FTDI cable? Secondly, is the power socket on the MotorMaster for the unregulated power (Vs) needed by my DC motors (i.e., up to 12V)? I assume the regulated power needed for the L298N logic supply voltage (Vss) comes from the Uno through one of the pins. Is that correct? Also, are the sockets on both the Uno and MotorMaster both 2.1 mm? Thanks for your help. Tom

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Let me go ahead and give the the run down on how the Versalino Uno handles its power management:

The Versalino can take voltage input on the power plug of 5 to 16 Volts (I would keep a minimum of 6 volts since the regulator will cause a slight voltage drop when regulating to the same voltage as the input).

Once you put the power into the Versalino what happens is that the regulated (5 Volt) voltage powers the Uno chip, and is routed to the VDD pin on each Versalino port; while the raw power is accessible from the VIN pin on each port.

Because of this fact you can power the Versalino with a 12 volt power supply, and connect the MotorMaster with the jumper in the VIN position to share a power supply. If however you need to have a dedicated supply for your motor (say to keep your Versalino from browning out, which is running out of power and failing temporarily), you would want to change the jumper to the EXT position and place a power supply directly to the MotorMaster.

The best plug is a Type E: 3.4 mm OD, 1.3 mm ID, I should have some 9V battery adapters available by the end of the week, and most standard selectable power wall sockets come with the E type plug standard.

Hopefully that answered your questions, but be sure to ask if you have any more.

In addition I have written a full guide to converting the Versalino BUS over to the Arduino with jumpers in case you don’t want to fuss with any code changes:

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