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DHT22 and DHT11 with XBee (Series 2)

First off, received the DHT22 and DHT11 and attached it to my Arduino and it works perfectly. Documentation was great. Examples were great. Thank you.

Second I have a question, you can e-mail me directly I would appreciate it. My question is have you or anyone successfully integrated this into a XBee network without the Arduino? I have not received my XBees yet however I am thinking that I am going to have issues since what I have read implies that they only send the current value of the IO register. And not a stream of data which I what I am assuming the DHT11/22 send is a stream of data. If not, then can you tell me what is sent so that I can capture it on the XBee and forward it to my PC to process over the RF.

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As per my email:

So basically the way the communication algorithm for the DHT22 and DHT11 works is there is a continuous stream of single wire pulses. Certain pulse widths mean 0 others mean 1. So if you wanted to process the data remotely you could (purely theory here) possibly put an Arduino on the distant end and process the data as if it were connected directly.

Personally I like using our small and more economical Versalino Platform with a BT2S-Slave to create a wireless sensor network, I have not have the opportunity to work very much with the XBee, but I am happy to add some more details on the communication algorithm to the reference section of the site if it would help.

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