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I am integrating the DHT11 into my arduino circuit. Im also using the LVIFA to communicate with my arduino board including the DHT11. Communicating with the DHT11 through LabView is proving to be very difficult. I was wondering if you guys had any plans to make your products more compatible with the LVIFA? This would make my life along with many others using LVIFA much easier. Thanks.

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The LVIFA system is by default built only with a simple control structure that allows specific functions to be performed (i.e. IO manipulation, and standard communication protocols).

As the writer of the DHT11 library for the Arduino I can tell you that the closest you could get with the current LVIFA system would be to create a complex communication algorithm in the visual editor that handles the single wire communication protocol. This would be a cumbersome process, but it may work. My personal recommendation is that we re-write both the LVIFA Arduino Firmware, and the LVIFA software (for NI) to add a modular Serial control interface.

We could specifically add the DHT11, or we can try to figure out a way to make an NI block that lets you set the commands being sent, and the way the returned serial message is interpreted. That would allow future modifications to be made entirely on the Arduino Firmware.

To be perfectly honest my experience with NI is fairly limited, but I would be more than happy to collaborate with anyone who would like to help extend the functionality for more modular use.

I have already helped with some LVIFA development for the DHT11 which can be found here:

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