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DHT11 doesn’t change readings

On first testing of your DHT11 Arduino everything appears to work fine. However, I noticed after a few minutes that none of the readings were changing which surprises me. One would think the numbers would be jumping all around, instead I only see (repeated):

Read sensor: OK
Humidity (%): 37.000000000
Temperature (F): 69.8000030517

Its almost like the readings were taken once and never updated.

Now, if you grab ahold of the sensor, the temperature will go up, stabilize, but then stick there forever.

I didn’t see a reset for the sensor, but maybe it’s waiting for one before taking a new sample?



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If it is responding to your touch then it is probably working fine since it only has one % humidity and 1 degree C resolution. If you breath on it both should go crazy though.
For much higher resolution I recommend the DHT22, but the DHT11 gives you pretty consistent results in a low air flow, low variation environment.
Hopefully, that helps. If you suspect you have an issue let me know, and maybe we can debug over the phone.
Joseph Dattilo
Founder Virtuabotix LLC

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