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connecting motormaster to regular arduino uno

I am looking into using the motormaster on a regular arduino uno. I would assume connect all the digital pins to digital pins on the arduino, and same goes for the analog pins. But does vdd go to 5v?, and ground to ground, but what does vin do? I see a vin on my arduino, but I dont know what it does, so I am not going to do anything with it. If anyone knows how to do this properly your help is much appreciated.

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There is actually a guide for the process of wiring the Versalino MotorMaster and other shields up to a regular Arduino

To answer your specific questions though: The 5V goes to Vdd, and the Vin goes to VIN on the Arduino. VIN is the raw input voltage in both cases, it is just more accessible on the Versalino. As for the way the analog and digital pins connect you should definitely refer to the article above since it gives a lot of detail on the process and what each pin corresponds too.

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