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Color Sensor issues

When I upload and connect the color sensor, all the values are near white (255,255,255)ish, nomatter what lighting conditions are. Seems to be getting input, but none of it is usable. Any ideas for fixing this?

2 Answers


Sounds like a setup problem, but a number of issues can cause this issue (the most likely of which would be a bad frequency generation setup.

First of all make sure that you are wired up according to the example code (look for the pin assignments at the topish of the code)

Key being that you put S0 to Ground, and S1 to 5V rather than any particular IO pins.

If that fails to resolve your issue please let me know.


I tried connecting gnd to vdd and vdd to gnd, then  the sensor vdd to the vin of the Versalino (35 volts) and got impressive results. The Serial wasn’t readable but it release a cloud of blue smoke in the same shade as the color it was analyzing.  I haven’t been able to repeat this with other colors unfortunately, but the applications are endless.

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