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Can I program an Arduino Duemilanove chip in an Arduino Uno?

I recently received the Virtuabotix Bareduino Plus. I ordered 3 of them thinking they are compatible with the UNO. That is the only *duino I have used/programmed. I planned on putting the controller chip on one of the UNO boards to program it, then move it to my breadboard/pc board to use it. Do I program it as a UNO, or a Duemilanove? Will the scripts I have written for the UNO work, or do I have to create and save them for a different micro-controller?

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Yes you can program a Duemilanove chip in an Arduino Uno. All you need to do is put it into the chip slot on the Arduino Uno, and select Duemilanove w/atmega328 instead of Uno from the device menu.

Effectively the only difference between the two chips is the programming speed and reset sensitivity; so your sketches should have identical performance, and be able to be loaded without issue.

Let me know if I can answer any questions about the Bareduino Kit, and happy coding!

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