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Can I control a DC motor with less than 6 pins on the Versalino MotorMaster?

Do you have a DC motor controller that can use the PWM outputs of an Arduino to control the speed and direction of the motor?

The only DC controller I can find on your website is an H-bridge which requires 6 digital outputs from the Arduino.  A PWM controller would only use 2.


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You can technically set the H-Bridge up to only require 2 pins per motor. You just have to tie the respective enable pin to 5V to have the motor always enabled. The MotorMaster can run 2 DC motors simultaneously, but does not have to. So with Enable pin tied High you would have exactly what you are looking for.
Just put in your order notes that you want it with un-shrouded headers on the MotorMaster and you will be able to pop it right into a breadboard. I will try to do a video on how to run the MotorMaster off a breadboard in the next week or so if it would help you.

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