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BT2S Slave Command Set

Hello Joe,

I just received the BT2S bluetooth to serial slave module. I need to know the commands so that I can

1. set the module to auto connect
2. enter a MAC address into the module so that it will only look for one master device.

I am interfacing the unit to the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile headset.



2 Answers


Each unit should have a MAC address which could be found with something like the Android App “Bluetooth Address Finder”, and by default the first master that pairs with a Virtuabotix BT2S Slave will only pair with that Slave from that point forward (until you reset the master by shunting the VCC and KEY pins).

I hope that helps, and looks forward to hearing how the project goes.


Thanks Joe!

How do I set the slave to “AUTO” so that it attempts to auto connect whenever the slave is powered on?

Thanks again,



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