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BT2S power issues (Flaky on wall adapter power supply)

I have the BT2S Slave working great when plugged in via the USB. When plugged in via a wall adapter (bought from Amazon) the rest of the Arduino functionality works fine, but the BT2S will come up blank 80% of the time, will flash and connect the rest – but lost connectivity pretty quickly.

I’m guessing it’s a power thing – but any ideas? i.e., will this go away with a battery?

Thanks! Great site!

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I have seen this issue when there isn’t enough power available. Make sure that you are not powering the BT2S over an IO Pin (have vdd and gnd connected directly to the 5V and the Ground lines), and make sure your wall adapter is putting out more than 5 Volts and can supply at least 300 to 500 mA. If you are running motors add another 400+ mA for each.

Your Supply should have a rating on the back (some number of mA) if you exceed it your board will brown out which causes sadness.

I have had really good luck with the 1.0 A and 1.5 A variable wall adapters from Wallmart and/or Radioshack since they pack a little more punch, and you can have them at 6.5 or 7.4 Volts which is more than enough to make sure you get the full 5 Volts on your regulator.

Let me know how things go, I am always happy to help.

Joseph Dattilo

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