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BT2S-M Connecting to a PC?

My project team submitted a request to our financial department for a BT2S Slave unit, however they ordered a master unit by mistake which we received today. We cannot see the device when we scan for it from our computers, but the pairing light is blinking. Do we require a slave unit in order to establish a communication link with a PC or is there something we can do to make this one work?

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The master unit looks for a slave device, there are a few ways to make your phone look like a slave device, but so far I haven’t been able to put a computer into pairing mode.

The master looks for a device in pairing mode with a pin number that matches its own, so it should be theoretically possible, but I would highly recommend a slave unit for your application.

If you need a slave unit I can have one shipped to you as soon as it is ordered, or you can send one in to exchange it.

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