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BT2S Baud rate

Hi, I’m trying to set the baud rate on the BT2S.

It’s getting power, and the red light is blinking about 2x per second.

I have it connected with a usb to FTDI connector. When I enter: “AT” (with no quotes) it responds with OK. But I can get no other response from any other commands such as AT+VERSION? or AT+BAUD8 or anything. But AT continues to give the OK response. I have blue tooth turned off on my phone and my tablet, so it should not be connecting with either.

I’m using putty, my com port is set to 9600 8n1. I’m using crimson text editor to enter my commands and I’m pasting them into putty. I also turned on local echo in putty so I can see my commands being sent.

What am I missing?

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Alight, so it looks like you are getting into the command structure. I will try and duplicate the setup you described tonight, but in the meantime, make sure that your commands are as follows:

Command Description Options Response
AT+VERSION Returns the software version of the module   OKlinvorV1.5
AT+BAUDx Sets the baud rate of the module
The command AT+BAUD8 sets the
baud rate to 115200
1 >> 1200
2 >> 2400
3 >> 4800
4 >> 9600 (Default)
5 >> 19200
6 >> 38400
7 >> 57600
8 >> 115200
9 >> 230400
AT+NAMEOpenPilot Sets the name of the module Any name can be specified up to 20 characters OKsetname
AT+PINxxxx Sets the pairing password of the device Any 4 digit number can be used, the default
pincode is 1234
AT+PN Sets the parity of the module AT+PN >> No parity check OK None

Try the AT+VERSION and shoot me the response just to be sure. If we are lucky it is just a problem with your terminal setup. Luke (my design engineer) had pretty good luck with Hyperterminal (which is apparently still available for download on Windows 7).

I also put together a pretty good set of resources, including an auto-programmer (make sure your device isn’t paired when you try to make the change)


I was having the same trouble and I stumbled onto the problem: I was copy & pasting lines with line breaks. Once I stopped copying the line break things magically started working 🙂


” – bad

“AT+BAUD8” – good


Now that I got it into 115200 mode I can use it as an “I broke my WiFi config” on a Raspberry Pi


You write very well!


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