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Bluetooth Versalino to bluetooth Versalino.

I have one Versalino with four button inputs which sends data to another Versalino via bluetooth one master one slave.

If button one is pushed a 6 is sent out, and so on. If the second Versalino sees a 6 sent serially it turns on a LED.

Everything works great until I unplug the Versalinos from the computer and plug them into their power supplies. Then nothing works.

UNLESS I plug  a FTDI into the receiving Versalino . Then everything again works perfectly. I the can receive all four button inputs from the

sending Versalino and all four LEDS can be lit on the receiving Versalino.

What’s odd is that I don’t have to plug the FTDI into a cable to a computer. I only have to plug it into the receiving Versalino.

If I use two Arduino UNO’s  then everything works as it should and no FTDI is needed.


Any hints ?

1 Answer


Are you saying that you are working with them both on wall power, or are you trying to have one of them not powered at all?

I know that there is the possibility of a problem receiving data on the Atmega328 from the BT2S without adjusting the power of the incoming signal because of the fact that the Virtuabotix BT2S Slave and Master are VTTL (3.3 volt devices), and that may be the issue you are experiencing.

Maybe you could give me a little more detail to the problem so I can help identify the root cause for you.

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