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Bluetooth to Serial on Arduino Micro

I have a your bluetooth to serial module that works great with an Arduino Uno and Seeduino I have, so I am sure all the code, cables, etc. I am using are in great shape. However, when I hook it up to the Arduino Micro I get no serial communication. I have even tried using the softwareserial libraries and changing the pins to ensure there is no pin error, etc. The Bluetooth module blinks, connects when I open a com port to it, but I can get no communication either direction with the same set of code I am using on the other two microcontrollers.

Do you know of any Arduino Micro specific issues?

Thanks in advance!

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After some troubleshooting we determined that the Arduino Micro was unable to provide sufficient current to run the pairing routine on the Virtuabotix BT2S Slave. Powering the module externally resolved the problem.

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