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Bareduino328 SPI Slave mode



I am a pretty much beginner to Arduino and for my project I need to use Arduino in Slave mode which I just realized it is not supported on Arduino  Uno.

Does Bareduino work in slave mode?




2 Answers


I am not exactly sure what you mean by slave mode. Are you referring to the Virtuabotix BT2S Slave? At which point you should be able to get that working on either the Arduino Uno, Versalino Nano, or the Bareduino/Bareduino Plus. If you are referring to something else just let me know though.


For my project I have to set up a SPI communication between TelosB sensor mote and Arduino uno. TelosB is the master

and Arduino must be slave. But as I checked the SPI library does not support Slave mode on the Uno.

I thought maybe I can use Bareduino instead. That is why I asked if it works in slave mode or not.

I hope this time it is more clear.






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