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Bareduino vs Uno

I just got my (3) Bareduino 328 Plus parts I ordered. I have been using the UNO and I perceived this to be just the hardware I need and an arduino bootloader on the Atmega 328. It refers to the Duemilanove and my question is, Will this accept sketches I created for the UNO? I think the programmer I use will work with several different versions of the hardware, but I wanted to ask since I am fairly new to this platform and hope to get an answer, or guidance to where I might learn how to adjust to the differences.

Thank you,

Anthony Parker

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Of course, anything that works on the Arduino Uno will also work on an Arduino Duemilanove chip. The reason for the use of the Duemilanove is that the reset circuit and programming works better in our experience.

If we are able to show that the same can be done with Uno chips we will likely migrate the line to use them instead, but the only difference is the reset sensitivity and the programming baud rate (speed).

So just switch from Uno to Duemilanove 328 on your device menu and you should be squared away in no time. Let me know if you have any trouble though.

Joseph Dattilo
Founder Virtuabotix LLC

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