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Bareduino resets when operating a 5v DC Motor

I have recently purchased a Bareduino328 which I am powering with 9v. I am regulating the power to 5v as per the instructions here:

The problem I have is that the Bareduino seems to reset itself just seconds after starting a 5V DC motor.  I believe the problem is noise from the brushed DC motor that is causing the microcontroller to brownout, but I am not sure how to fix it. I have no issues starting and stopping the DC motor using the Arduino Uno official board. I am using a P2N2222AG transistor (and a flyback diode) to control the DC motor. Has anybody tested the use of DC motors with the Bareduino setup? 



2 Answers


I have found that most of the motor controller shields and even the stand-alone motor controllers filter out noise very well. There is an inexpensive kit that sells on Amazon and other places that sells for $11. It will power two motors at 1 amp.


So you can use the Versalino MotorMaster, or the Versalino Transistor Board, or just about any other Digitally controlled H-Bridge or other motor control device.

Alternatively you could build your own H-Bridge, but if this is your first project I would start with a working one first so you can get used to how they work. I used to have the exact same problem when I tried to make my first pic based robots and attempted to directly control motors.

Doing a few hours of reading on how H-Bridges work will likely clear up a lot of questions about why your circuit is browning out, and behaving erratically. You can also look at the online datasheet page for the Versalino MotorMaster since it has a bunch of H-Bridge goodies, and was built to work specifically with the Versalino/Bareduino hardware.

Hope that help!

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