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From your Guides & Libraries page I’m still going no place. If i click on ” Make it a Bareduino Plus with this  guide”. or ” Checkout out the Bareduino Getting Started guide !” or ” Command your Bareduino or Bareduino Plus !” or ” Make tour Bareduino Blink ( the obligatory hello world LED )”  Good news the is the ” Checkout the Bareduino Wiki ” still works.

I was trying to get a handle on putting  together my Bareduino Plus so I only checked out the links for the Bareduino Plus. Hope this helps.


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Thank you so much for giving me the details, it seems like most things on the web, this structure change will make things worse before it makes it better. I fixed all of the Bareduino and Versalino Links.

Please if you identify any other links that do not work let me know. I will be focusing on updating the Wiki links next, and if you have any trouble on the Guides & Libraries tab here are the links for all of the Bareduino Guides.


Thank you so much for your patience!

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