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ATMega328P w/ Uno bootloader fuse options

Hi, i purchased 5 of the atmega328 with uno bootloader installed and i cant seem to get them to talk to avrdude unless i use a buspirate but i just want to load my sketches serially with arduino ide. My question is, are these configured to use an external oscillator or the internal one? I used a protoshield and put a socket on it with a crystal and jumpered all the necessary pins,cut the reset trace on my uno and soldered a little wire to one side and then to reset pin on atmega, still nothing. Any info is appreciated.

2 Answers


An external crystal is needed for the Uno Optiboot ATMEGA328 chips, and we happen to have put together several extensive guides for the Bareduino which pretty much operate like the circuit you are trying to make.

Here is the first build guide, and the follow on guide to programming it is here:

I hope that helps!


Yes, the Bareduino guide is great. I have built several micro controllers on breadboards using it. I also used a 16mhz crystal. Must make sure you use the 22 pf caps. I used a resistor off pin 1 and then to +5 volts as the pictures show. But you could work in a switch that would momentary pull it a ground for reset. My latest project is building my own circuit board with the components.

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