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Arduino with master Bluetooth to multiple computers each with slave Bluetooth.

Thank you very much for your reply to my original question. But I still am not clear

on if I can do what I had planned.

I want to have a Arduino UNO with one master Bluetooth module send data to three

computers each having one Bluetooth slave attached to it. This would mean that the

master would have to sink to three individual slave modules.

The Arduino would send temperature and humidity data out to three different computers

at the same time.

*******  I guess the main question is can a master even sink with more than one slave ?   ******

Intended list of parts:  1 – Arduino UNO.

                                        3 – computers.

                                        1 – master Bluetooth module.

                                        3 – slave Bluetooth modules.


Thanks again.







1 Answer


Gotcha, you would need to have separate masters for each slave, or use built in Bluetooth to connect to multiple slaves from one pc or multiple PCs. The Virtuabotix BT2S Master cannot from my understanding connect to multiple slave devices at the same time.

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