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Arduino to multiple computers with Bluetooth.

I have two of your Bluetooth modules, one master and one slave, which I use to send temperature readings from an Arduino to my computer. If I get two more slaves and connect them to two other computers that I have can I send the Temperature readings to all three computers at once ? How about sending data to other Arduinos with a slave attached.

It appears that this will work but I am not sure. I am also assuming that the master will have to be connected to the Arduino. If this will work is there any limit to how many slaves I can use ?

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So to answer your main question, yes you can have a ton of Virtuabotix BT2S Slaves connected to one Arduino and sending data to separate computers (as long as they have Bluetooth). You are only limited by Bluetooth noise and the number of IO pins available (two per Software Serial connection, or 1 if you just want tx and are a clever coder). In general I wouldn’t recommend more than five or ten Virtuabotix BT2S Master or Slaves in any given 1 foot radius because they all operate at the same frequency, but otherwise you can freely create a network as large as you need.

You can even pass data from Arduino to Arduino in series by connecting each board master to slave master to slave since each master remembers it’s associated slave until reset.

Let me know if you still need more clarification, or if you have any other questions.

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