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Arduino IDE Problem

I cannot find an answer to a problem I have through the Arduino forum. I thought I would reach out to the Virtuabotix group. I seem to have this problem before once, but cannot remember what I did to fix it and it does seem to happen with some users of the Arduino IDE. However, the fix does not seem to be available on the web. 

When I go to verify/compile a sketch, any sketch even examples, the IDE closes. I do see some kind of error in the box at the bottom, but the window closes before I can even read it. If anyone has any ideas it would be great to have this somewhere where it can easily be found as I am sure many people will encounter it at some point.


2 Answers


Generally I have seen this problem tied to specific computers & versions of the IDE. My recommendation would be to try downgrading the IDE (or upgrading, but most importantly changing the version you are using).

Also if you are having trouble with the Auto-install version of the IDE I recommend using the ZIP folder version. I know that we have had better luck with the ZIP files, and as a general rule we do not upgrade our IDEs until a version has been posted for a few months.

The rapid development of the Arduino IDE is a source of many problems for some configurations, so if you aren’t using the latest Arduino gizmos like the Arduino Yun and Due, then you probably don’t have to be on the latest and greatest version.

If you get the problem with more than one version, I would like into your security/antivirus settings, and try the IDE on another machine or operating system.

Let me know if you have any luck, and happy holidays!



I agree with sticking to one version I have found some things worked better with versions 022 or 1.01. After three days of research and much hair pulling, not much left to pull. It did turn out that the problem appeared to be with a recently installed program. A word of warning to users installing MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit program, which was the culprit. After I uninstalled that the Arduino IDE now compiles and uploads. However, the newest version of Arduino 1.0.5 does show some red warnings as it is compiling, in regards to directories it is using. But the programs seem to run ok.

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