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Adding External status LED BT2S board

Good afternoon.

I haven’t purchased this yet and would like to know if it is possible to easily add an external status led to this board.

For the project I have in mind the board will be buried  in a project box and it would be nice to be able to face mount an LED on the box to have a quick reference of what was going on.


this is the board I am thinking about buying


1 Answer


Of course, though you may just as easily mount the Virtuabotix BT2S in such a way that the status can be readily seen, you can also use the State pin as depicted in a quick picture I just took.

This is the backside of a BT2S device, the state pin is the one you can attach an LED to.

The pin marked in red is the state pin which is the same pin that the built in status LED is tied to.

Basically if you put an LED and resistor between VCC and the State pin you should be able to get the same status indicators as the built in LED elsewhere in your project.

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