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Sensor can’t read the color orange

Using Arduino Uno and the Virtuabotix Color Sensor w. Pinhole lens To decode the colors of pool balls. With 5v applied: Reads all ball colors except the orange ball (gives red and blue) but does read a real orange (gives red and green) The color Orange is made up of red and green only, no […]

Color Sensor Operation

When I connect to Arduino 2 out of the 4 LEDS light up.  Is this normal operation…are the other 2 LEDS infrared  or something else? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: color sensors Categories: Sensors March 14, 2016 wojo

Versalino Uno Barrel Jack power input

Hello, I am trying to power my Versalino Uno using the barrel jack. I am testing with just an LED. If I power it with my ICSP it works. Once I disconnect that and hook up the barrel jack, it stops working. I have used input voltages from 5-9 volts,  verified that the expected voltage […]

Bareduino 328 plus

I want to use a Bareduino 328 plus, like a propeler clock to 5 LED are required, but I don’t know which les of Atmel be use and is there a programe must be upload to Atmel? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Kits June 7, 2016 massoudmaddi

Torque Spec

What is the stall torque of the Black DC Gearmotor 1:56 Gear Ratio? It’s not listed on the description. Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Motors September 15, 2015 Slee