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Programming a Versalino with a Regular Arduino

By extremely popular request this weeks guide is on the use of a regular Arduino™ Uno or Duemilanove to program a Versalino™ Nano or Versalino™ Uno. In response I have already created a really in-depth video guide that goes over all the details of the process, but for you word junkies out there, I am putting it together in written form (don’t worry there will be lots of pictures).

Things you will need:

  • A Versalino™ Nano or Versalino™ Uno
  • An Arduino™ Uno/Duemilanove (doesn’t matter which)
  • Male to Female Jumpers
  • A chip remover (or nails and fingers that are a lot stronger than mine)
  • A computer with the Arduino IDE installed on it

 The Video:

 The Procedure:



1.) Remove the chip from your Arduino™ Uno/Duemilanove (this prevents your Arduino from preventing the programming process from working by eliminating cross talk on the TX and RX lines).





If you have never used a chip remover before, just be sure you aren’t pulled straight for your face, because it still takes a fair amount of force to get the chip off, but when it does come loose it comes loose quickly.




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